Why Home Alarms Don't Work. A Practical Approach to Home Security - Stop Intruders Before they Enter

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The home alarm industry has conditioned homeowners to believe that home security begins after someone has already invaded your home. In fact, an alarm system does nothing to prevent an intruder from entering your home, it simply alerts you that an intruder is already inside. Armor Concepts new door security products help keep intruders out.

Saddle Brook, NJ -- August 22, 2008 -- According to the FBI, more than 70% of all break-ins begin with a kicked-in, or forced-in door.  An average 12 year-old can kick in an average entry door equipped with a deadbolt, which is why kick-ins are usually the preferred method of entry for burglars.  Why then do homeowners spend so much on alarms, that will alert them after someone has invaded their home, and so little on ways to keep intruders out?  The answer is that most homeowners believe that alarm systems keep them safe.  There have also been very few effective and practical ways to secure the doors on a home, until now.  Armor Concepts has been praised for Door Jamb Armor® and its new ARMOR LATCH sliding door deadbolt because they are effective, economical door security solutions that actually help keep intruders out of a home.

Homeowners spend billions each year on alarms systems that alert them that someone has already robbed or invaded their home.  According to the FBI, only 13% of all burglary investigations ever lead to an arrest.  The reasons for this are simple.  More than 95% of all home alarms are false, which has made them a lower priority for police.  This means that police will respond to almost any other emergency before responding to a home alarm.  The result has been longer police response times, which can average more than 20 minutes in most areas to several hours in others.  An experienced thief will be in and out of a home in less than 5 minutes.  The real function of an alarm system is to limit the amount of time an intruder spends in a home, not to prevent the intruder from entering, as many homeowners believe.

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Door Jamb Armor®  is a set of steel sleeves that slide over an existing door and wooden doorjamb to repair existing kick-in damage and/or to help prevent future invasions.   Broken doorjamb repair has never been an easy task.  It generally takes hours to repair a door that has been kicked in and recently completed door repairs are often kicked in again.  Door Jamb Armor combines an easy repair alternative with a total door security solution that is unlike anything else on the market.  The pieces come with a white powder coated finish that can be painted to match the color of the door or jamb.  Door Jamb Armor® has proven to be a very valuable tool, saving maintenance personnel and apartment owners across the country a tremendous amount of time and money.  The Door Jamb Armor® combo set has a suggested retail price of $124.95 and can be installed in under an hour by most do-it-yourselfers.

The ARMOR LATCH sliding door deadbolt is an effective and inexpensive solution for those looking to secure their sliding glass doors.  Prying open patio doors is an easy way for thieves to break into a home. Bars or sticks placed in the track do not protect your door from being lifted out of the track.  ARMOR LATCH is an effective and attractive sliding door security solution that retails for only $39.95 and can be installed in about 10 minutes.

“We are not against the use of alarm systems, we simply want people to understand that their current way of thinking may be placing them in danger.  Buying an alarm, without securing the perimeter of your home or apartment simply does not make sense, as many of our customers have found out the hard way.  Once an intruder is in your home, you are really at their mercy.  A home alarm is your last line of defense, not the first.”  Says Alan S. Young, CEO.

As crime continues to increase across the country, Armor Concepts, and its products, have attracted an increasing amount of attention.  Door Jamb Armor® has been featured in multiple episodes of the Discovery Channel’s show, “It Takes a Thief”, on HGTV and on Fox News in New York and Phoenix, not to mention  countless national magazines, local newspapers and radio programs.  CEO, Alan S. Young gives regular talks to police forces, police academies and homeowners associations on ways to improve the physical security of their homes.

“People are always surprised to learn that we started this company because we were victims of this same thinking.  We really never set out to create a product.  We were simply looking for a way to stop people from breaking into houses that we were renovating.  When nothing that we could buy worked, we simply kept trying, testing and modifying different designs until we found what worked.  We didn’t begin marketing Door Jamb Armor®  until we realized that most people had no clue how vulnerable their homes really were.  All of our other products were created based on requests from customers.  I get countless letters and calls from homeowners and maintenance people, thanking me for making products that actually do what they say they will” Mr. Young added.

Armor Concepts LLC designs and distributes proprietary security and repair products for homes, apartments and office buildings. Grainger, HD Supply and Lowe’s distribute the Company’s products nationally, in addition to numerous local hardware stores and locksmiths. For further information about Door Jamb Armor® and other Armor Concepts products, contact Alan S. Young, 280 N. Midland Avenue, Building L Saddle Brook, NJ 07663. Phone: 201-490-5381. E-mail: info@djarmor.com.  Website: www.djarmor.com


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