Switzerland Introduces the First 100% Gold-Backed Annuity

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"I know of no better way for the long term investor to own gold than through The Swiss Gold Annuity™" -- Jean-François Meillard, President of the Swiss Annuity Consumer Bureau and author of The Consumers' Guide to Swiss Annuities.

Montreux, Switzerland (MMD Newswire) September 15, 2011 - - Investors can now safely capitalize on the strength and rapid appreciation of gold in a new type of Swiss annuity. Unlike simple ownership of gold-backed securities, the Swiss Gold Annuity offers confidentiality and protection.

Gold has been in a bull market for the past decade, rising over 45 percent in the last twelve months alone. Now, for the first time it is possible to capitalize on gold's appreciation by using a Swiss annuity to create a gold-backed personal pension plan.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™, a proprietary creation of Gonthier Group SA (www.swissannuities.net), is a special type of variable annuity issued by the Lichtenstein subsidiary of a major Swiss insurance company. Unlike standard annuities, all of the investments are held in physical gold and gold-related investments, such as gold-holding exchange-traded funds, gold mines and gold refiners.

Gold is always the ultimate refuge in times of financial uncertainty. Generally, we associate gold's appreciation with inflation. What is unusual today is that gold is increasing in value in the absence of inflation. What is occurring is a non-inflationary flight from paper currency. If inflation appears, we anticipate that gold will appreciate even faster.

Asset Protection

What we own we want to protect- from frivolous lawsuits, from creditors in the event of bankruptcy, from the prying eyes of bureaucrats and from anyone else who does not need to know about our affairs.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™ (www.swissannuities.net) accomplishes this asset protection by incorporating into its structure the privacy and creditor protections of Swiss/Liechtenstein law. Basically, after the first year it is very difficult for a creditor to gain control of the Swiss Gold Annuity™. After five years it is impossible.

If an annuity owner is judged bankrupt, all of the rights to his or her Swiss Gold Annuity™ pass by Swiss law to the primary beneficiary. Thus, owners are prevented from carrying out any court order to turn over their annuity to creditors. Upon discharge from bankruptcy, the policy owner's rights are restored. These are some of the strongest asset protection laws in the world.

Ownership Options and Beneficiary Options

The Swiss Gold Annuity ™ may be owned by a person, trust, corporation, partnership or other legal entity. The same applies to beneficiaries. The beneficiary may be a person or persons or any other type of legal structure. The beneficiary or beneficiaries may be changed by the owner at any time.

Upon the death of the annuitant the beneficiary or beneficiaries are contacted privately and confidentially by the insurance company. In the event of multiple beneficiaries, no beneficiary will know the identity of the others.

Tax shelter is another benefit of this annuity. Of considerable interest to our American clients is the fact that a Swiss Gold Annuity™ may be owned by an IRA or other qualified retirement plan.

The Swiss Gold Annuity™ Opportunity

The Swiss Gold Annuity™ is a proprietary variable annuity available only through Gonthier Group SA. Their offices are located at Avenue du Casino 13, Montreux, 1820, Switzerland. (www.gonthiergroup.com)

Many of their clients tell them they want to live in one country and have a portion of their gold reside in another. Switzerland's long history of political and economic stability, combined with strong privacy laws and a cultural tradition of confidentiality, make The Swiss Gold Annuity™ all the more attractive.

The minimum initial investment is Chf. 250,000.

DATE: September 15, 2011
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