New novel by Beethoven researcher explores how art, passion and one sick child inspired artist's greatest musical works

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Passion by Susan Lund looks at Beethoven's passion for one mysterious woman, his music and his suffering child

LONDON (MMD Newswire) March 18, 2010 -- Passion: Beethoven's son - the inspiration for his greatest work by Susan Lund reveals how Ludwig van Beethoven's conflicts of conscience about his sick child and the woman he loved drove him to produce the "Missa Solemnis."

The tormented life of Beethoven, one of the world's greatest musicians, is the subject of Passion. Based on her own original screenplay, Passion tells the story of Beethoven's love affair with the married Antonie Brentano and their secret child. Against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars, Beethoven adopts his late brother's son while struggling to care for his child, whom he has never met and who starts to have epileptic fits that leave him with the mental age of a 4 year old. His stricken son can only be soothed by listening to Beethoven's piano sonatas. The Roman Catholic Antonie's need to arouse her child's spiritual development leads Beethoven to create his mass, the "Missa Solemnis," which he calls his greatest work.

Set in Frankfurt, Vienna and Paris, Passion is both an exploration of the struggles faced by parents of sick children and a novel showcasing an unfamiliar side of Beethoven. Published to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the events depicted, Passion is meant for any Beethoven aficionado, music lover, or lover of an extraordinary story.

Passion: Beethoven's son - the inspiration for his greatest work is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author
Susan Lund is the author of ten novels and several stage and screenplays. A Beethoven researcher since 1972, her work has been published in the Beethoven Journal and her earlier book on Beethoven, RAPTUS, received international acclaim.

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