STRAMATO- The sweetest new "berry" in the tomato category

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The Stramato is the sweetest tomato out there, which is why children love it so much. It is known in the industry as The Best Berry in the Tomato Category. Stramatos brix level (which measures sugar content)is between 9-11 where normal tomatoes are between 4-6. Grape tomatoes are between 7-8.


STRAMATO- The sweetest new "berry" in the tomato category

Leamington, Ontario -- April 15, 2008: The Stramato, the new generation of cocktail tomato is creating a buzz in the produce industry amongst retailers and consumers alike. Stramato, the original strawberry tomato, has all the attributes of its namesake:a beautiful strawberry shape,naturally sweet taste and a rich, deep red color.Its' sweetness level far surpasses other cocktail tomatoes.

Ideal for salads, sauces, or as a healthy snack, Stramato is known in the industry as "The Best Berry in the Tomato Category"and is as popular with children as it is with chefs. Available "on the vine" in 2 sizes of of clamshells, it is the unique, resealable "Grab & Go"bag that is such a hit with children, much to parents' delight!

Developed in the Netherlands, Stramato is grown exclusively by Lakeside Produce, whose legendary quality stems from four generations. With third-party food safety certification and state of the art technology in environmentally friendly greenhouses, Lakeside is able to offer the best produce possible.

Contact: Peppe Bonfiglio
Phone: 519-322-1959

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