AT4 wireless, Inc expands its ISO 17025 accreditation test scope for cellular communications to HSPA

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Herndon, VA. (MMD Newswire) June 10, 2010 -- AT4 wireless, a North American leading Testing and Certification Laboratory, has just expanded its ISO 17025 accreditation test scope to LTE full test capabilities (RF, RRM, and Protocol) and Protocol GERAN/UTRAN 3GPP Rel7.

AT4 wireless, Inc, located in Herndon, VA has expanded its ISO 17025 scope to incorporate 3GPP Conformance Testing capabilities for LTE User Equipment. This new ISO accredited test scope for LTE covers E-UTRAN radio access as well as the EPC Network layers. Under this accreditation, AT4 wireless, Inc, is offering full RF, RRM, Protocol and all relevant accredited testing services in accordance with 3GPP LTE tests, selected by the global certification programs of GCF/PTCRB. Additionally, AT4 wireless, Inc has expanded its ISO 17025 accredited cellular test scope to include 3GPP Conformance Protocol testing for GERAN/UTRAN Rel99 - Rel7 (GSM/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+).

"Our goal is to become the LTE reference test lab for the North American cellular market and this accreditation is one of the initial milestones within our objective. Because LTE will require backwards compatibility to legacy cellular technologies (CDMA and GSM/UMTS), we have designed an LTE program which includes increasing our certification capabilities and upgrading our current 2G/3G RF/RRM test capabilities to include the Protocol layer testing. Our world class cellular communications lab facility is investing in the North American LTE industry and is ready to provide best in class service to our clients. We now have a comprehensive set of test equipment and offerings accompanied by a fully trained staff to facilitate our client's 3GPP technology testing" said Bryan Mikesh, Chief Operating Officer at AT4 wireless, Inc.

About AT4 wireless
AT4 wireless is a global supplier of Testing Services, Engineering and Test Systems. From its Laboratories Division, AT4 wireless provides Testing and Certification Services for a wide range of industrial sectors (telecommunications, IT equipment, automation, medical and health, electronics, aerospace, naval, renewable energies and gaming technology, among others), with the aim to guarantee that products comply with the quality and certification requirements requested by the global market and users.

AT4 wireless is a global supplier of testing solutions for wireless technologies such as LTE, 2G/3G/HSPA, WiMAX™ and Bluetooth®, and is recognized as a leading telecom testing laboratory and test & measurement equipment manufacturer.

AT4 wireless covers world class services for conformance, regulatory and interoperability testing as well as field trials and worldwide compliance and type approval consulting, offering a truly one-stop service for the certification of telecommunication devices.

AT4 wireless was founded in 1991, has more than 350 employees and operates from its headquarters in Malaga (Spain), and branches in Herndon (VA), USA and in Taipei (Taiwan).

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About AT4 wireless, Inc.
AT4 wireless, Inc. covers world class services for conformance, regulatory and interoperability testing as well as device, infrastructure and network testing.

AT4 wireless, Inc. performs accredited testing for GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA and HSPA conformance against our GCF and PTCRB accreditations.AT4 wireless, Inc. is the first laboratory to offer LTE testing services in the US.
AT4 wireless, Inc. was the first North America-based certification test laboratory, accredited by the WiMAX Forum in 2007 being a fully functional WiMAX Forum Certification Test Lab, which includes Radiated Performance Testing (RPT) as part of certification testing for Mobile WiMAX™.

The lab is located in Herndon, Virginia, easy to access due to its vicinity to the Washington-Dulles International Airport.

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