Overpopulation is being ignored by environmentalists

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December 10, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- Dudo Erny, a widely travelled former geography teacher, has written a book- Babbling green - on evolution, overpopulation and environmental protection. In it he highlights the largely ignored problem of global overpopulation.

Over recent decades, environmental protection and climate change have been key issues omnipresent in politics and the media. Whilst few people doubt the importance of environmental protection, the extent of human influence on climate change and its possible effects remain points of dispute, even among "experts", whilst another key and also very grave issue- global overpopulation - is largely ignored. However its effects can in no way be disputed.

Dudo Erny book, babbling-green

Everyone talks about climate change, but far too few discuss overpopulation. 2000 years ago there were 300 million people living on our planet. Today there are 6.8 billion, and population numbers continue to grow - currently at over 200,000 people per day, or 2.6 per second. The consequences spell absolute disaster. The affluence of industrialized countries is based on inexpensive fossil fuels, and slowly but steadily supplies of these fuels are running short. Billions of people live in poverty - and their numbers are increasing daily. "Environmental organisations conceal important information on overpopulation, although it is a fundamental environmental problem. Babbling green calls for a radical change of thinking before the world is overwhelmed," emphasizes Dudo Erny.

In his book, Babbling green, Dudo Erny not only elaborates on the consequences of overpopulation, but also its causes. He breaks taboo after taboo and more than once tackles the question of why so little has been written about the overpopulation crisis until now.

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